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Have you ever wished you could control:

- Your income and work schedule.

- The commissions you charge.

- The referral and relocation fees you pay and receive.

- The type of brokerage you offer: Buyer, Seller, Dual, or Facilitator.

- Receiving all of your ad calls.

- Your internationally recognized branded advertising.

- Your business's growth and the decision to hire your own team.

- Your web site business and lead generation systems.

- The professionalism of your work environment.

Well, now you can!

Be in Charge of Your Work Schedule

At RE/MAX Signature Properties you can create your own business plan and set your own goals. No manager will micro manage your business. You schedule your own vacations, set your own income goals and plan the use of your time accordingly. Understanding that leisure time is crucial to professional success, RE/MAX Signature Properties encourages associates to take time for other areas of their lives and to maintain the balance in life that supports longevity and fortitude in their professional life.

Negotiate Your Own Commissions

Sales agents with conventional companies work within their company?s commission rate. At RE/MAX Signature Properties, you have the flexibility to negotiate commission rates with clients. This freedom benefits both you and your clients, especially when specialized properties require innovative marketing or flexible solutions to put the sale together.

Agent-Controlled International Referral Program

The RE/MAX Referral Program has proven to be more successful than any other referral system in North America. Full-time, quality Associates sending leads to other full-time, quality Associates provide better service for customers and extra income for themselves. The RE/MAX Web Roster on makes it easy to find and make referrals to RE/MAX agents from around the world.

Select the Type of Agency You Offer

Because we are a designated agency company, you may select the type of agency you offer: buyer, seller, and disclosed dual agency or facilitator. Our Agency Policy Manual has all the details.

Freedom in Advertising

Determine how to invest in your individual advertising and personal promotion. At RE/MAX Signature Properties, it is the associate - not the Broker/Owner or Manager- who decides how much he or she spends on advertising and which media to use to best serve his or her clients. Unlike agents in other real estate companies, RE/MAX Signature Properties associates receive all calls and leads generated by their efforts. The independence and creativity of RE/MAX Signature Properties sales associates is especially evident and visible in their personal promotion efforts.

Build Your Own Sales Team
At RE/MAX Signature Properties you are free to hire assistants and create a sales team within the framework of our company. This freedom enables you to build your business to any level you desire. We encourage the development of teams as teams enable agents to substantially expand their business.

Your Life, Your Business, Your Way

No one can deny the importance of maintaining balance in one?s life. We have systems and tools in place that enable agents to serve their clients better, and earn more income while spending more time enjoying family and friends and pursuing personal interests.